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We're Different

We are mission-driven, not profit-driven. As a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, our bottom line is increasing the quantity and quality of learning opportunities for learners of all ages, especially the disadvantaged. Kids, teens and adults. In classrooms, in learning centers, in training programs, in libraries, at home and at work.

photo: children We believe extra hours of structured learning are the best bet to close skills gaps. Schools can only do so much on their own without strong and consistent engagement of caring parents, vibrant and safe communities, and public support.

The only way that most disadvantaged children and youth can catch up is to get more hours - higher time-on-task when they are in school and opportunities for structured learning outside of regular school time and homework requirements.

College students and adults seeking skills improvement need learning that is targeted, accelerated and flexible.

That's why we've designed: learning centers and online learning options that can go anywhere; program models that help community programs and employers add learning components; and incentive models to encourage extra effort and reward achievement.

We offer more than product. If you want proven K-adult academic, career and life skills content and systems for your K-adult program or school - delivered online - we have what you want. And our academic curricula and resources are fully aligned to State standards in all States. But we offer more if you need and want it.

  • We understand that learning is usually just one component of a program and set of services, so we pay attention to how programs are delivered in your real world, and provide tools, support and program models that meet best practice standards appropriate for your populations.

  • We show you how a high-quality learning component can be delivered affordably and efficiently - so you can direct savings to other program components and support services.

  • We can create a web-based Extralearning Network - custom branded with your name - where members of your school district or network can learn, work, collaborate, communicate and access Extralearning Online and other web-enabled applications.

  • We connect users with one another. We train experienced practitioners to help others get started.

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