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About Us

Remediation and Training Institute (RTI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1982 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., in the Old Town section of Alexandria, Virginia. We aim to create quality-learning opportunities anywhere, any time, by everyone as a means to close the skills gap and create economic and social opportunity for children, youth and adults.

Our signature program is Extralearning Online, which provides the "plumbing" for a variety of learning programs in schools and the community. Our difference is how we link extra learning effort to various incentive models.

RTI develops education and training courseware, applies technologies for instruction and management, and disseminates low cost tools for education and training via the Web.

We design, evaluate and replicate model programs, collaborate with intermediary organizations and networks, and conduct labor market and education research.

Our work promotes achievement and opportunity for learners of all ages through:

  • Development of technology-enhanced learning systems and content that support individualized learning;

  • Design and testing of program models that target specific needs of populations and institutions;

  • Crafting program implementation models that build capacity and strengthen local service delivery;

  • Structuring of incentives to reward extra effort to learn and gain skills;

  • Examining best practices and capturing practical implementation strategies and tools;

  • Creating partnerships with intermediary organizations and networks to support replication; and

  • Conducting policy research.

Schools, community organizations, public agencies, national organizations and others use RTI's products, program models and systems to deliver their education and training services. RTI encourages these organizations to "brand" the RTI education, job training, adult literacy and youth development programs with their own identity. You may be familiar with RTI's offerings and models without knowing it!

Our learning systems and models are used widely throughout the United States and have proven transferable to Canada and other English-speaking countries in Europe, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean. We partner with the EDL Foundation to adapt and disseminate our systems in South Africa.

Examples of RTI's innovative program models include: the lauded and independently evaluated Quantum Opportunity Program (QOP), which changes life futures for disconnected teens and is cited often as the most successful youth development intervention in a generation; Mall Academy alternative and career high schools in shopping centers; Sports Basics sports and learning programs; Kids Academy for early learning; Peer Tutoring Service Learning; Workforce Investment Network model; and Small Schools within schools and in the community. Users of our learning systems have been equally innovative.

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