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Turnkey Learning Centers


We provide affordable turnkey solutions - with or without hardware - for planning and implementing Extralearning centers in a variety of settings for a range of needs.

We will configure a turnkey center or center upgrade based on the user's needs. An Extralearning Turnkey Learning Center provides appropriate Extralearning curriculum, management systems, and third-party resources selected to meet a specific purpose, plus installation and training, all in a single package. Procurement of hardware and operating systems software is available as an optional convenience. Because we have been doing this for over 20 years, we are able to include planning assistance consulting in our modest prices.

We Provide End User Provides
Planning Assistance Based on Need
  • Program design recommendations
  • Curriculum recommendations
  • Management system recommendation
  • Third-party resources recommendation
  • Hardware requirements
  • Facility requirements & ideas
  • Sample floor plans
  • Staffing recommendations
  • Scheduling and operations ideas
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Funding ideas
  • Referrals to experienced users
Implementation Timetable
  • Procurement schedule
  • Installation and training schedule
Extralearning Online Curriculum & Systems
(based on type of Center, size, purpose, options selected)
  • Extralearning Online
  • Library of custom print books and tests
  • Local media e-Server

Optional Computers and Peripherals
  • Network PCs, Tablet PCs, Laptops
  • Multimedia PCs
  • Large screen Multimedia Display

Installation (optional)

Onsite Training

  • System use
  • Center operations topics
Designated Single Point of Contact
  • Coordinates and communicates
Needs Information
  • Learner population(s)
  • Program purpose
  • Design parameters or constraints
  • Outcomes requirements
  • Enrollment needs
  • Budget parameters
Schedule Demands
  • Decision schedule
  • Installation schedule
  • Program implementation schedule
Installation-ready Facility
  • Electrical & computer wiring
  • Internet connection, if needed
  • Renovations completed, if needed
  • Furniture and lighting installed
  • Computer network to specifications
Staff for Training
  • 2 days on-site
  • Additional days optional


Turnkey Learning Centers range in size from tiny centers serving five learners at a time to large centers with a capacity to serve 60-75 learners at a time. Many learning centers enroll and serve hundreds of learners a year by operating on an open-entry and exit schedule and offering more than one daily session - with "high tech and high touch."

Turnkey Learning Centers vary by purpose. For example, a center operated by a One-Stop Career Center under the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) would likely offer basic skills through high school academic subjects plus all of Extralearning's functional employment and life skills subjects. An after-school program for elementary school aged children would likely offer K-6 curriculum, plus a library of engaging educational multimedia and videos targeted to children.

Turnkey Learning Centers vary by the extent of third party multimedia and video options offered, providing basic quality options for those with restricted budgets:

  • A Basic Turnkey Extralearning Center includes the Extralearning Online or Extralearning Local management system, including the modular Extralearning courses, skill modules, assessments and tests, plus the instructional e-Books, activities, speech drills, libraries, and Internet links. The online version includes all of the e-Network features, as well.

  • A Comprehensive Turnkey Extralearning Center includes all of the above, plus one or more Local Media Libraries stored along with the Local Media Library Systems on Network Attached Storage servers. The Local Media Libraries of third-party multimedia and video target specific needs and center uses - Kids Center, Alternative High School, Work and Life Skills, and more.

  • A Multimedia Turnkey Extralearning Center includes all of the above, plus customized selections of additional multimedia and video options, networked multimedia PCs, and a cable-ready large screen multimedia display.

Features and Benefits

Features include Extralearning's comprehensive curriculum, management systems, options for fully integrated third-party educational resources, installation, training and support.

Configuration Choices
Management System
  • Online with exportable data files
Curriculum Coverage
  • Adult education, early learning, K-12 academics, high school
  • Employment skills, life skills, parenting, social skills
Print Books & Tests Recommended if:
  • Heavy daily use of center anticipated (e.g. alternative school)
  • Offline and take-home study desired
  • From 1 - 40 PCs, depending on center size and use
  • Use existing networked PCs with online management system
  • Get network PCs per specifications , or include PCs in Turnkey purchase

Benefits include the convenience of one-stop shopping, affordability, the curriculum content appropriate for purpose and need, and options for further enriching the curriculum to operate a learning center that offers:

  • Individualized and self-paced learning
  • Optional activities for group, experiential and cooperative learning
  • High time-on-task for accelerated learning
  • Measurable learning gains
  • Open entry and exit scheduling possibilities
  • Credit-by-objective versus seat time possibilities
  • Scheduling flexibility to enroll learners of diverse needs at same time
  • Comprehensive subject coverage
  • Effective use of paraprofessionals to support teaching staff
  • Standardized platform - with options for teachers to author and customize - that reduces staff training time and costs


Pricing varies by configuration, size and options selected, ranging from a few thousand dollars a year to a one-time start up cost of $30,000, excluding equipment.

Please contact us for a proposal that meets specific needs.


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