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Overview - What We Offer

Comprehensive Online Learning System, Resources & Tools

Extralearning Online is a dynamic, comprehensive, web-based learning system designed to meet the needs of K-adult learners.

The system offers: over 90 self-paced academic, career and life skills courses; 103 High School Credit Courses with secure testing; more than a thousand assignable skill modules; an electronic resource library, and extensive system tools.

Subjects covered include all core and elective K-12 academics plus important functional subjects addressing employment, consumer, life and social skills.

  • All content needed for placement and self-paced learning is provided, including assessments, original interactive e-Books, interactive speech, activities, quizzes, mastery tests, skill-specific web links mapped to learning objectives, plus hot links to hundreds of third-party multimedia and streaming video titles, also mapped to skills.

  • Curriculum standards in core subjects for each State and the District of Columbia are included along with an easy-to-use alignment tool. We use the same alignment system used by leading digital and print publishers -- Academic Benchmarks.

  • Robust management systems are included for registering, assigning, progress tracking, evaluating and reporting for individuals or any size group. Schools and other regulated or funded programs can report on subgroups mandated by law or funder.

  • Tools for authoring original content and customizing learning paths and course requirements are included.

  • Management and operation of third-party web-based multimedia and video content is offered through the Extralearning Online interface. The Extralearning system harnesses quality content from a variety of award-winning educational publishers and makes it available to learners, teachers and program staff by a click on a publisher's logo or from links inside Extralearning lessons and libraries. All use is tracked and reported. An Extralearning user ID and password are used by subscribers to access these rich resources.

    Current* third-party content partners include:

    Web-based software training aligned to standards - in English and Spanish
    Atomic Learning, Inc.

    All rights reserved.

    Engaging movie tutorials covering all 7 subjects, aligned to standards

    BrainPOP.com LLC

    All rights reserved.

    Spanish-language version of BrainPOP movie tutorials in all 7 subjects, aligned to standards.

    BrainPOP.com LLC

    All rights reserved.

    Educational movie tutorials for K-3 students, covering 6 subjects aligned to standards.

    BrainPOP.com LLC

    All rights reserved.


    Global project-based learning in multiple languages

    International Education and Resource Network

    Over 5,000 educational videos, aligned to standards with closed captioning

    Discovery Education, a Division of Discovery Communications, Inc.

    All rights reserved.


    *Third-party partners are subject to change without notice.

    Trademarks and intellectual property of others are acknowledged.

Blended Learning Centers

We coined the term "high-tech high-touch." We offer 30 years of experience in the planning, implementation and operation of digital learning centers targeted to specific purposes. Our blended learning center model has proven itself in alternative education, workforce development, community learning, after-school programming, correctional education, and more. Using Extralearning Online to deliver content and manage learning, an Extralearning center provides individualized and self-paced learning in a small learning community staffed by teachers and others who provide motivation and one-on-one help.

We provide affordable turnkey solutions - with or without hardware - for planning and implementing Extralearning centers in a variety of settings for a range of needs:

  • We will configure a learning center that is the right size for its purpose, with appropriate selections from Extralearning's K-adult academic and life skills subjects print materials.

  • We have configurations - and experience - for implementing after-school and summer programs, school-based skill centers, alternative high schools and career academies, school-to-work programs, service learning, workforce development programs, community learning, foster care transition, early learning programs, and more.

  • We provide a blend of training and services to support implementation and point you to experienced practitioners who can help.

More information:
More about our Turnkey Blended Learning Center solution:   Turnkey Centers

Learning Incentives

RTI's products and services are all aimed at creating opportunity and closing the skills achievement gap.

To encourage the extra effort and extra hours of learning necessary for significant skills gains, we recommend a learning incentives program. (Such programs would usually focus on extra learning that takes place outside of regular school and homework time.)

Eligible learners, and their teachers/advisors if desired, earn incentives based on progress and accrued hours of time-on-task learning. The means to define and track incentives is available in the Extralearning Online management system.

For those who would like us to manage their incentive program, we offer an Extralearning Incentives Management package. With this option, RTI manages a learning incentive fund on behalf of the sponsor, keeps track of hours and progress based on criteria and formula established by the sponsor, maintains password-protected online individual account statements for learners and staff to watch their earnings grow, processes incentive payments as earned, and sends electronic reports on learning and incentive activity to the sponsor.

This exciting "learning equity" approach can be applied in a variety of ways including:

  • a scholarship program where students earn scholarships based on their effort to get the skills needed for further school or training;
  • a community-wide campaign to boost test scores with private funding from employer or service organization sponsors;
  • a workforce development tool to help job seekers acquire needed skills and modest funds to help them with the costs of a new job;
  • a Governor's initiative to target disadvantaged students in summer programs;
  • a way for a school or community sports team to earn equipment for the team, or;
  • an incentive to get families with young children learning together.

More information:

Our Incentive Program offering:   Learning Incentives Management

Training and Services

We offer:

  • Set-up on your local area network
  • Online webinar training packages
  • Presentations, training and technical assistance at your site or ours
  • Program design
  • Curriculum alignment services
  • Curriculum development
  • Management of learning incentive programs

More information: Services


Mission, not profits, drives us. Extralearning is offered at the lowest prices possible to achieve widespread access to learning by those who need it most.

  • Online learning subscriptions include unlimited access to all courses, skill modules, assessments and tests, speech drills, libraries and links. Volume discounts are available. All updates to the Online system, curriculum and other content are included and automatic.
  • Our training and services are offered at affordable daily rates or packages, plus actual travel expenses.


Extralearning is available to colleges, agencies, faith organizations, employers and others who offer education and training on a noncommercial basis, and to nonprofit organizations that provide services to K-12 students.

If you are a K-12 school district interested in using Extralearning, please contact us at (703) 683-7795 or info@extralearning.org.

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