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Pricing (pdf)
Ordering Information


Extralearning Online subscription prices, including discounts: Price Sheet (pdf)


How to Order

  1. Contact us with any questions, to plan your order, to request a cost proposal or invoice, and to receive appropriate order forms or purchase agreements.

  2. Submit your order with any required documents, deposits or payments:
    Remediation and Training Institute
    107 S. West Street, #149
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    telephone: (703) 683-7795
    fax: (703) 683-6186
    email: support@extralearning.org

Purchase Policies

Our policies are designed to minimize overhead so we can keep our prices as low as possible. We appreciate your understanding.

  1. Price Changes: All prices are subject to change. We will honor prices that we present to you in a written cost proposal within the time period and terms stated in the proposal, usually 60 days. If you are preparing a budget for a grant proposal or funding application that will not be funded for several months, we advise you to plan for possible price increases and changes in availability in your budget estimates.

  2. Discounts: Our prices already reflect nonprofit and educational discounts. We offer attractive discounts for volume subscriptions purchases. Please refer to Price sheet (pdf).

  3. Shipping, Handling, Processing Handling: There is no processing fee on subscriptions. A 5% fee will be added on all other goods and services purchased.

  4. Scheduling: Shipping and installation of Turnkey Learning Centers and related training are scheduled on a first come basis determined by receipt of a complete order. Please order early if you have a specific enrollment start date target. (Our busiest period is April through October.)

  5. Complete Order: Orders are complete when submitted in writing (in the simple format that we will provide when you contact us) and accompanied by a signed, purchase order and/or payment by check of any required deposit, or payment in full by check.

    We do not ship goods without a deposit so we ask that you coordinate check approval and processing in advance to support your implementation, shipping, installation and training needs and schedules.

  6. Acceptance of Order: We will contact you by email or fax to confirm acceptance of an order. We reserve the right to refuse an order within the limits of applicable law.

  7. Cancellations: You may cancel an order within seven calendar days of our acceptance of the order, provided that you agree to pay us for any goods or services that we procured or produced for purposes of fulfilling your order during those seven days. We reserve the right to cancel an order once accepted without penalty if our ability to fulfill the order changes.

  8. Returns: We do not accept returns. To keep prices low and affordable, each order is custom produced and we do not maintain inventory. We will replace or repair items that we ship if they are damaged or inoperable when received.

  9. Sole Source Justification: We will provide information needed for a sole source justification, if applicable.

  10. Online Subscriptions: An individual subscription is required for each user (learner, teacher, tutor, etc.) registered in Extralearning Online. Additional subscriptions may be purchased at any time.

  11. Third Party Reselling: Intermediary organizations and consultants who assemble a mix of services and goods to provide a comprehensive program solution to schools, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and/or employee development programs may include our offerings in such packages provided that a written agreement between Remediation and Training Institute and the intermediary or consultant is executed prior to the package being offered for sale. However, under no circumstances may our offerings be purchased solely for the purpose of reselling at a higher price. We reserve the right to approve all promotional, marketing, training materials or media that include reference to our products or services.

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