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We believe learning is work - and rewards for extra effort make sense. Yes, gaining knowledge can be exhilarating - and it doesn't have to be boring - but big gains in skills and achievement require focused effort by learners and the teachers and others who work with them. For purposes of closing the achievement and skills gap, we encourage programs to offer tangible incentives to learners who put in extra hours, and to the coordinators-instructors who motivate learners to put in the extra time and help them learn.

The online version of our management system can track progress towards earning incentive rewards based on progress plus extra hours of learning outside of regular school time and homework requirements. The user enters incentive eligibility, incentive definition and incentive formula in the management system, which then tracks and generates incentive data and reports.

For those who would like us to manage their incentive program, we offer an Extralearning Incentives Management package. With this option, we will:

  • Manage a learning incentive fund on behalf of the sponsor;

  • Keep track of hours and progress based on criteria and formula established by the sponsor;

  • Maintain password-protected online individual account statements for eligible learners and staff to watch their earnings grow;

  • Process incentive payments as earned;

  • Send electronic reports on learning and incentive activity to the sponsor.

A few examples of types of incentives:

  • $50 United States Saving Bond for every 25 hours of extra time-on-task hours (cost for US $50 bond is US $25.)

  • $XX gift card for every XX hours of extra time-on-task hours

  • $XX deposited in an Individual Development Account (IDA) for every XX hours.

    ( IDA deposits are usually matched.)

  • $XX deposited in team sports equipment fund for every XX hours of extra time-on-task learning by team members

  • Field Trip for every XX incentive points accrued

More information:
Learn more about United States Savings Bonds
Learn more about Individual Development Accounts


Fee as percent of Incentive Fund established by sponsor.
Please contact us to discuss a customized incentive program.
10% fee

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