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Praxis Approach
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Praxis Approach

präk' sis
(noun) practical application or exercise of a branch of learning.

Our initiatives spring from the conflux of theory, research, and evidence of what works for whom - and how. We seek practical ways to create learning opportunities wherever possible - and for as many as possible.

Our priorities are driven by our mission to provide opportunities for learners of all ages, whether connected to formal schooling or not.

We aim to close the profound skills and achievement gap between the disadvantaged and advantaged. We know that extra hours of structured learning are a necessary condition for success.

In each of the initiatives we undertake, we:

  • Engage talented local practitioners in planning, implementation and dissemination;

  • Integrate extra hours of learning with other program components and services;

  • Collaborate with one or more intermediary partners who will support the model into the future;

  • Align the model with established funding streams for sustainability and replication;

  • Collect and analyze relevant data (such as learning gains, employment gains, college entry, positive behaviors, replication success);

  • Produce public policy ideas that could advance successful strategies gleaned from initiatives.

We invite you to learn more about our initiatives, and to contact us if you would like to join forces.

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