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Management System

Features Supporting Standards-Based Education

Alignment powered by:

Extralearning Online supports standards-based education:

  • Alignment of learning objectives, courses, tests and learning resources for all core K-12 academic subjects, plus technology -- fully aligned and searchable by State standards and benchmarks
  • A fully searchable pool of 1,000+ clearly articulated and aligned learning objectives
  • Thousands of aligned learning resources
  • Each learning activity in each lesson in an Extralearning curriculum unit is tied to core concepts, ideas and skills that students are expected to master and understand
  • Formative and summative a ssessments are aligned with learning objectives and fully integrated with the learning process
  • Coherent curriculum -- instructional materials are aligned to each learning objective. In a learning sequence - a course or unit - instructional materials prioritize and sequence essential skills and strategies in a logical, coherent way. The relationship between learning objectives and skills is clear to the learner.
  • Third-party content included in Extralearning is independently aligned with State and National standards by the respective publishers, and is searchable, as well.
  • Learning objectives and instructional materials in specific subjects - history, science, employment, and life skills - reinforce reading, language arts and mathematics.

Alignment Tools

Find resources by skill or by State standards.

Access the Extralearning Search Skills tool to find and select skills available for review and alignment to State or national content standards and benchmarks.


screen shot of the search box

The Advanced Search tool quickly finds all Extralearning skills - global and specific - for aligning with a program of studies or for simple targeting of a specific standard benchmark:

advanced search tool screen shot

A click on eSources in the search results displays all of the diverse instructional materials and the assessments aligned with the learning objective in our system:

screenshot of search results

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