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Subject Table
Management System
Curriculum Principles

Designing for Need

Our curriculum is targeted to learners who need extra resources to acquire solid knowledge and master skills as quickly as possible.

They are elementary and high school learners who might need to catch up with school peers, make up missing credits, or attain a high school diploma or GED quickly.

They are young adults who need to master prerequisite skills for career training, job placement, or military service.

They are adults who need to improve basic skills on the job.

They are parents who want their preschool children to get a fair start. They need to start when they are ready and complete as quickly as they can.

The schools, programs and employers who support these learning goals need a targeted curriculum that can impart knowledge, skill and information quickly, comprehensively, responsibly and affordably. That's what we offer.

Learning Design Principles

The Extralearning courses and lessons are structured to support individualized and self-paced learning for learners with diverse needs and interests:

  • The research-based principles of programmed learning, mastery learning, direct instruction and criterion referenced assessment form the dominant approach to course and skill mastery.

  • There is something to appeal to every type of learner. A variety of educational materials - written, multimedia and video - maintain interest, offer comprehensive coverage, and ensure that options for different learning modalities are presented.

  • Learners are empowered to choose the resources that help them learn best and to move at a pace that fosters mastery and confidence.

  • Optional activities provide opportunities for experiential learning and group discussion and role play.

  • Supplementary third-party content mapped to lessons and available also through the electronic libraries promote exploratory and inquiry based learning and support differentiated learning.

  • The human touch and interaction is important, especially for discouraged learners. Teachers, tutors and mentors and others facilitate, guide, and motivate learners, and provide one-on-one help when needed.

  • To provide an affordable learning system, design focuses on function and materials with instructional integrity.

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