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Flexibility Features
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Flexible and Affordable to Meet Diverse Needs

Aligned to academic and technology State standards.

Extralearning Online offers a well-rounded curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners and trainees of all ages at an affordable cost.

Learners enjoy unlimited access to all of Extralearning's courses, lessons, instructional content, assessments, tests and library resources. There is no per-Course fee. Registration in the online system gives teachers, program staff and learners unlimited access to all that Extralearning offers.

The curriculum is modular, offering choice and flexibility to:

  1. Assess and place a Learner in an individualized plan
  2. Assign a complete course
  3. Assign a specific unit
  4. Assign a specific lesson
  5. Assign a specific content resource by title (e.g. a video)
  6. Assign a test or assessment
  7. Create, save and assign teacher-authored learning tasks
  8. Edit our courses or build your own from our libraries of learning objects plus any new digital content that you create and/or link to the course
  9. Add your customized learning object links, lessons, units, tests and plans to the online system
  10. Sequence assignments
  11. Browse and access anything in the e-Library.

Each course and lesson includes everything needed for mastery: assessments, instructional content, quizzes and mastery tests, plus optional supplements.

Content is presented step-by-step with much feedback and reinforcement. This promotes mastery and self-confidence whether the material is being learned for the first time, or forgotten skills and information are being relearned.

The Extralearning curriculum is tied together by integrated management systems that make administrator, teacher and program staff jobs easier. Detailed progress information and reports keep teachers, trainers and tutors tuned in to learner achievement and needs. Reports are available for groups or subgroups and data is exportable.

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive curriculum covers all major K-12 and adult basic education academic subjects plus a wide range of functional subjects, covering skills needed for work, career, family and community.

Extralearning offers one of the most comprehensive coverage of K-12 academic standards and SCANS skills found in a single, affordable learning system.


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