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Management System
Management System

The Extralearning curriculum is tied together by an integrated web-based management system that make teachers' and administrators' jobs easier.


Manage Access

  • Four levels of access permissions
  • Level 1 - Learner (student, trainee, participant access)
  • Level 2 - Teacher (teacher, counselor, tutor, mentor, etc.)
  • Level 3 - Manager (site, program administrative access)
  • Level 4 - Network (multi-site/multi-program administrative access)

Manage Learning

  • Register
  • Enroll
  • Assess
  • Assign
  • Individualize assignments
  • Create Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Find searchable resources
  • Communicate with internal email
  • Launch and track learning resources (e-Books, streaming videos, etc.)
  • Harness third-party multimedia and video content
  • Password-protect tests

Manage Curriclum

  • Customize standards-aligned courses and assignments
  • Integrate teacher-developed content
  • Link learner assignments to any software or digital files stored on your network or on the Internet
  • Sequence assignments
  • "Cherry pick" learning objects -- objectives, instructional content, tests, links -- and save as custom learning plans that can be shared network-wide and assigned

Manage Progress

  • View progress reports
  • Track attendance, usage, time-on-task, and completion
  • Track offline learning
  • Review stored test results, subscores, and test attempts
  • Gauge mastery and identify problem areas

Manage Data

  • Learners
  • Learning inputs and outcomes
  • Other program inputs and outcomes (e.g. job placement)
  • Export data for analysis or import into another MIS

Manage Reports

  • Individuals, teachers, programs, schools, learner groups and subgroups
  • Enrollments, completers, achievement, attainment, attendance, use, outcomes
  • Custom reports

Manage Evaluation

  • Learning Gains
  • Program outcomes
  • Post-completion follow-up

Manage Incentives

  • Document learning hours, mastery and completion benchmarks pegged to user-defined incentives
  • Track, calculate and report on incentives earned and distributed (Online version only)

Manage Remotely via Internet

  • Set up access levels
  • Allocate subscriptions by site, teacher, program, community
  • Monitor progress
  • Generate reports 24/7
  • Link Web site

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