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Subject Table
Learning Objectives
Management System

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Learning Objectives

The Extralearning curriculum is built on a framework of "bite sized" learning objectives.

  • Aligned to each learning objective are a variety of instructional materials. These e-Sources (electronic learning resource materials) include original e-Books, activities, interactive speech drills, assessements and e-Tests, plus skill specific links to third-party Web sites, video, multimedia CDs, and portable educational toys.

  • An e-Lesson covers a specific learning objective with multiple learning resource materials - including links to third party resources - and a mastery test.

  • An e-Course is a structured learning path of e-Modules organized in logical units and lessons with the addition of unit and course tests to check mastery and retention.

Teachers and programs can assign any e-Lesson, e-Course, e-Test or even individual e-Source title to any learner. Assessments guide placement, but do not dictate assignments. The Extralearning system tracks usage and progress.


If a learner just needs to work on a specific skill rather than taking an entire course, e-Lessons offer the perfect solution. An e-Lesson offers a structured set of Extralearning activities, centered around a specific skill.

E-Lessons are ideal for helping learners build specific skills and close learning gaps. e-Lessons put every resource for a specific skill at a learner's or teacher's fingertips.

E-Lessons are structured so that a teacher or learner can access every instructional option for any skill. Each e-Lesson includes:

  • a printable digital e-Book (read online or off)
  • printable practice activities
  • autoscoring lesson e-Test
  • Plus links to lesson-specific third-party titles, which might include:
    - Unitedstreaming videos
    - BrainPOP short educational movie tutorials
    - Atomic Learning software training tutorials
    - Pre-screened educational web link

More information:
e-Lessons Overview PDF (656 KB)
e-Lessons Catalog PDF (2458 KB) (May take several minutes to download!)


Structure, accelerate, track and accredit learning with 56 K-12 academic courses and 30 functional courses. e-Courses include carefully sequenced digital books, practice activities, related Internet links, multimedia and video materials, and tests which accelerate learning of K-12, life and work skills - in school, in the community, at home, or in the workplace - using a combination of independent study, one-on-one tutoring, multimedia enrichments, step-by-step accountability, high time on task, positive reinforcement, and relevance to real life situations and goals.

Extralearning Courses are designed to make it easy and affordable to provide individualized and self-paced learning for all learners.

Extralearning brings lesson plans to another level, by presenting lessons in a sequenced learning strand tied to Course objectives with a variety of educational materials mapped to specific learning objectives, plus quizzes to maintain focused progress and tests to check mastery and retention along the way and at Course completion. Progress is always evident, providing teachers, tutors and program staff with the information needed for timely one-on-one help.

The breadth and depth of Courses - plus the self-paced learning design - provide opportunities to meet the needs of diverse learners of all ages, whether in learning centers, classrooms, or scattered locations via Internet.

More information:
e-Courses Overview PDF (805 KB)
Complete course catalog with scope and sequence:   e-Courses Catalog PDF (1,844KB) (May take several minutes to download!)


There are thousands of e-Sources, or electronic resources, available. Every e-Source is referenced directly into courses and lessons, but they are also accessible by title for assignment by teachers and programs, and through the e-Library, which learners and staff can browse and access. Usage and completion is tracked inside the Extralearning Online system.

Available e-Sources include original content plus carefully selected third-party materials harnessed for delivery within the system.

Original e-Sources

  • e-Books
    There is an e-Book for each of over 2,000 skills included in Extralearning's skills matrix -- a comprehensive K-Adult academic and life skills library of e-Books available with a click! Each programmed learning e-Book (usually 25-50 pages) is in digital format and can be accessed over Internet or a local area network and navigated and read on screen using the free downloadable Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. All e-Books include interactive exercises for each information frame, while ESL and early reading e-Books include interactive speech, as well. Each e-Book ends with an included self-score mastery test. Since the e-Books are in .pdf (portable document) format, any title can be printed on demand also; registered users can make unlimited copies for single site non-commercial use. Pre-printed copies are available from us to licensed users. See Offerings - Custom Printed Books.)

    More information:
    e-Book design:   e-Books Overview PDF (597 KB)
    e-Book design:   e-Books Catalog PDF (1352 KB)

  • e-Work
    e-Drills include a wide range of targeted activities, organized by skill set. Several types are covered, including experiential, group, "how to" life skills, skill practice, games, and puzzles. Categories include: Youth Development, Kids Development, Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, English as a Second Language, Employment Skills, Consumer Skills, Health & Family. There is also a corresponding e-Drill for each e-Book to provide extra practice.

    More information:
    e-Work Overview PDF (584 KB)
    Complete e-Activities catalog:   e-Work Catalog PDF (1,755KB) (May take several minutes to download!)

  • e-Links
    Extralearning takes the uncertainty away from Internet work with over 2500 screened, targeted and up-to-date Internet links, or e-Links. Every e-link has been screened for relevancy, content, and appropriateness. The screened e-Links are referenced directly into Extralearning courses. e-Links are also accessible by skill or by subject and level through the Extralearning LIBRARIES. Every e-Link goes right to the content needed to master a skill. Therefore, learners no longer have to waste time searching, and they can spend more time on task. e-Links also save valuable learning time by bypassing advertising, distractions and net junk.

    More information:
    e-Links Overview PDF (391 KB)
    See sample e-Links Catalog
    (Subject to frequent change):   e-Links Catalog PDF (2,043 KB)
    (May take several minutes to download!)

  • e-Talk
    Teach basic life skills and language skills using e-Speech language cards. To insure that Extralearning is beneficial to everyone, the system includes English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and materials, including the just-released series of strong, interactive speech drills. Learners access these e-Speech language cards over the Internet or a local area network. The series includes sets of e-Speech content appropriate for ages ranging from very young children to adults. Reading skills, life skills, citizenship vocabulary and concepts, and English for work are covered. The newest set, Speaking at Work, introduces language skills integral to success in the workplace, from the most basic through working with others.

    More information:
    e-Talk Overview PDF (127 KB)
    Comprehensive e-Speech Catalog:   e-Talk Catalog PDF (234 KB) (May take several minutes to download!)

Third-Party e-Sources

  • e-Stream (streaming video)
    Quality educational videos from leading publishers are screened and integrated seamlessly in our lessons, Courses and Libraries, providing flexibility and multiple options for assigning and using rich video content. Usage, time, and completion are automatically recorded in the Extralearning management system.

    More information:

    e-Stream Catalog PDF

  • e-Portables
    Extralearning features portable "edutainment" content and platforms from LeapFrog® Learning and Tablet PCs from Gateway Computers. e-Portables facilitate learning anytime, anywhere - in the classroom, at home, in a quiet spot in a learning center, or even on the bus.

    The LeapFrog® systems used are the LeapPad®, QuantumPad®, and iQuest® Handheld. The libraries for these systems meet the needs of almost every learner - from preschoolers learning to read to high school students preparing for college entry tests. The LeapFrog® e-Portables are referenced directly into Extralearning courses and skill modules, and they are accessible from the Extralearning Libraries. Titles can be assigned and usage and completion tracked.

    Tablet PCs are even more flexible and portable than laptop computers. Watch for updates on this developing e-Portable option.

    More information:
    On LeapFrog® and Extralearning:   e-Portables Overview PDF (289 KB)
    e-Portables Catalog PDF (386 KB)


There are over 1,000 online assessments and tests in the Extralearning system. These computerized e-tests are easy to administer, score and analyze, thus minimizing training and staff development costs. Freed from the burden of test creation and grading, teachers and staff are free to focus on learners. All tests are tied to the learning content and process.

e-Tests are taken on computer and produce instant test results, making it possible to assess and place learners quickly. Because learning is individualized and self-paced, learners take tests to measure mastery of skills, lessons and courses when they are ready. They like the reduced test anxiety and the frequent and instant feedback they get with test results.

The Extralearning system offers two types of e-tests:

  • Tests for assessment and placement, and;
  • Criterion-referenced tests to measure mastery of content, both pre- and post-study.

More information:
e-Tests Overview PDF (219 KB)
e-Tests Catalog PDF (1,442 KB) (May take several minutes to download!)

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