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Types of Centers

Extralearning provides options for online learning anywhere and anyplace, and for learning centers in any setting. Extralearning centers can be found in traditional schools, alternative schools, housing projects, malls, community centers, and even in jails and youth detention centers. Each Extralearning center is unique, but all of the centers do have certain similarities.

Extralearning Center Similarities

  • All Extralearning centers use the Extralearning system as the core curriculum and program management system.

  • Extralearning centers may have printedversions of Extralearning e-books and are set up along the lines of professional training centers.

  • Every Extralearning center is staffed by caring, dedicated adults, who are determined to make a difference in the lives of the children or adults they serve.

Most importantly, all Extralearning centers are based on the ten basic Extralearning principles.

Examples of Extralearning Centers

While there is no way to briefly describe each and every Extralearning center, here is a sampling of some of the types of centers in existence today.

Alternative High School
The self-paced design of Extralearning makes it an ideal system for alternative schools. Students who have not succeeded in the regular school setting usually respond well to the flexibility of self-paced learning. They also respond to the programmed learning approach, which allows them to build skills progressively. Students who are below grade level aren't expected to just follow along with the class as best they can. Each student has his own learning plan. He can work at his own pace, at his own grade level.

Extralearning Kids Center
The Extralearning Kids Center enriches, expands and accelerates early learning and child development through a combination of Extralearning resources geared specifically for children in preschool through 6th grade. The Extralearning Kids Center includes structured Extralearning elementary level courses, a range of mapped-in multimedia resources for younger learners, and integrated e-Portables.

Community Learning
The flexibility of the Extralearning system make it ideal for afterschool and community programs. Extralearning centers are ideal in housing projects and community centers.


Mall Academy
When searching for innovative solutions to education problems, some educators have focused on a favorite teen hangout - the mall. Mall schools have popped up in shopping centers across the country. The Extralearning system is the perfect learning solution for schools like these. Many mall schools focus on both academics and workforce preparation, which are Extralearning's core components. Because learning is self-paced, students are available for structured work internships in the various businesses located in malls during the school day as part of their program of studies.


Dropout Recovery
In today's competitive job market, many employers prefer a high school diploma over a GED. Since the Extralearning system was developed with national learning standards in mind, many school districts grant academic credit for Extralearning courses. Extralearning centers have worked with local school districts to set up these credit recognition programs.

Sports & Learning Center
Good fitness is just as important to overall success as a good education. The Extralearning curriculum stresses fitness and health as much as academics, so it makes sense that there are Extralearning centers that focus on both sports and learning.


Workforce Development / Adult Education
Although most Extralearning centers serve students in elementary through high school, Extralearning is designed for learners of all ages, thus several Extralearning centers serve adults seeking to gain workforce skills. The academic component of Extralearning offers adult learners the chance to close any skills gaps they may have, and the functional component of the Extralearning curriculum offers practice in many job related skills.

Jails/Juvenile Detention Centers
The Extralearning system can help ANY learner - even those who are incarcerated. With Extralearning, prisoners and adjudicated youth can build the academic and job skills that they need to help them succeed in the outside world without crime. There are Extralearning centers located in several jails and youth detention centers around the country.


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