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The Extralearning center is a physical learning center or small school that offers a blended learning model. It is the high-tech version of the traditional one-room schoolhouse. Each center combines resources, rigor and relationships to create an environment where all students achieve.


An Extralearning center can be in almost any setting. Centers of varying size have been successfully implemented and operated in primary, intermediate, secondary and vocational public schools, in alternative and charter schools, in community-based organizations, in job training and Job Corps facilities, in adult basic education, welfare and recreation agencies, in shopping malls, in workplaces and unions.

Schools Community Workplace
primary/middle schools
high schools
alternative schools
charter schools
community colleges
adult education
community-based organizations
faith organizations
housing projects
recreation centers
youth clubs
union halls
shopping malls
job training agencies
welfare programs


The Extralearning center can educate almost any learner. Outstanding learning gains have been recorded by remedial and at-risk, as well as gifted and talented students, limited-English learners, the learning disabled, school dropouts, GED participants, welfare mothers and their children, offenders, dislocated workers, and job trainees. Gain rates are similarly impressive for minority and non-minority, old and young, affluent and poor learners. Learning center planners and administrators create centers for specific purposes, most often to target needs not met by mainstream learning and training systems. The Extralearning center provides an option for learners who have few others.


The e-Center can serve almost any purpose. The Extralearning modular curriculum, self-paced learning, comprehensive coverage, span of subjects and accountability tools fit a wide range of programs for children, teens and adults. Some centers serve multiple purposes and target populations. Successful activities include:

Children Teens Adults
Early Reading
Summer Programs
Charter Schools
Compensatory Education
Home School Outreach
Accelerated Learning
Sports and Learning
Test Preparation
Alternative Schools
Dropout Prevention
Dropout Recovery
Credit Recovery
Special Needs Education
College Prep
Career Guidance
Summer Youth Programs
Youth Development
Workforce Development
Welfare to Work
Employee Training
Financial Literacy
Adult Literacy/Basic Education
GED Preparation
Corrections Education
Computer Training
Skills Standards Programs
Parent Education

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